Following the success of last years ‘Peace of Mind’ exhibition we are planning our next showcase of innovative digital artworks at The Engine Room.

How to submit existing work
If you have produced an artwork that you feel resonates with our theme and would like to explore the possibility of including the piece in our Belonging exhibition please contact info@somersetfilm.com. Your email should include:

  • an image of the work
  • information on its dimensions
  • details of installation requirements
  • a short statement that describes how the piece resonates with our theme

How to submit a concept or idea
If you have a work in progress or a concept idea, but need digital media support to bring it to fruition, please contact info@somersetfilm.com with a short statement that describes the idea and the nature of the help you’ll require from us.

Call for content
This is an opportunity for artists to exhibit a digital artwork that resonates with the theme ‘belonging’ in our newly refurbished Studio. The opportunity is both for artists who have existing work ready for exhibition and artists who have a concept or idea they need our digital support to bring to fruition.

What do we mean by digital art?
An artwork that includes an element of digital technology in its production and/or the means by which it is presented.

What do we mean by Belonging?
The theme is open to interpretation but ideas could explore, for example:

  • the notion of being accepted/included in a social, political or cultural group
  • individual happiness and well-being
  • a connection to the land and to nature

We are interested in showcasing a range of material including: moving image, photo-art, projections, sound, interactive and 3D work. We are also interested in works that combine artistic disciplines with digital media, for example: poetry and digital sound design, painting and digital photography or sculpture and digital interactivity.

Selection Criteria

This is an opportunity for Somerset based artists.
We would like to show the work of artists who include 
digital media in their practice
We will select existing works and ideas based on:

how they resonate with the theme
innovative use of digital media
  • suitability for all audiences (we will host community 
activities inspired by the exhibition)
  • curatorial considerations